The purpose is to increase the number of adolescent girls enrolling and completing education as well as girls involved in decision making processes in the community and school management. The project also intends to change the attitudes and behavior of girls, parents, communities, and officials in relation to adolescent girls’ right to education, gender and sexual reproductive health.

Project’s Key Aim

The goal of this project is to improve access to and quality delivery of education and Sexual Reproductive Health via Social Accountability.

CALEP’s Strategic Intervention Measure

  • Targeted Training and Assistance: CALEP organizes training sessions in various areas within its operational areas to sensitize the adolescent girls on how they can be socially responsible as a measure of enabling them complete education and curb sexual reproductive health complications.

Results of the Intervention Measures

  • Increased Awareness: Many members of the the communities are aware of girls’ right as well as how they should properly handle themselves in the society to ensure girls get better education.
  • Reduction in Perpetration of Social ills: The project has led to reduced risks of early marriage, pregnancy, gender-based violence (GBV), and HIV infection, and supports girls to stay in school.