This project is a community level approach to promote the participation of women in social, economic and political spheres within our communities. CALEP goes right into the communities to offer training avenues to women in order to ensure that they can participate adequately in the community projects. We work with various governmental and non-governmental organisations to offer these.

Project’s Key Aim

Our focus is to ensure that women in communities we work with have the skills and capacity as well as the space to participate in organizations and structures (including in elected offices) at community, county and national levels, extending beyond women’s own organizations.

CALEP’s Strategic Intervention Measures

  • Trainings: In 2018 – 2019, 8 women focused civil society organizations and 3 women networks were given training to strengthen their financial management skills, organizational development, advocacy, strategic planning, and accountability to encourage them to participate more actively in public life.
  • Technical Support and Consultation: CALEP supports the trained women focussed civil society organizations and women networks with constant consultation services to ensure that they implement the skills gained to better their lives.

Results of the Intervention Measures

  • Increased Awareness: Many local women are now aware of the available financial aid that helps them further their education to gain more implementable skills.
  • Enhanced Women’s Participation: The project has also provided opportunities for women to participate in discussion with county government tackling issues related to county government accountability, including taxation and gender responsive budgeting.